Aloha Medicinals Inc. is world’s largest and most technologically advanced producer of USDA and EU Certified Organic medicinal mushrooms.

Aloha Medicinals Inc. is one of the largest and most technologically advanced producers of USDA and EU Certified Organic medicinal mushrooms and mushroom-derived compounds in the world today. All of the Aloha Medicinals' raw materials are produced in the United States in Carson City, Nevada under FDA certified Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations, licensed by the State of Nevada as a food manufacturing plant, fully certified 100% Organic under USDA and EU regulations. All Aloha Medicinals mushroom products are grown using only Certified Organic, American produced raw materials, with no GMO or imported ingredients used.

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Aloha Medicinals Inc proprietary solid-state fermentation process

Aloha Medicinals currently produces more than 100 different species of mushrooms, using a proprietary solid-state fermentation process unlike any other. This proprietary process ensures the maximum content of active compounds in the finished products, guarantees absolute consistency from lot to lot, and ensures that no heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides or other contaminants are present in the finished products.

Aloha Medicinals Sterility Verification

Every lot of material is thoroughly analyzed through independent FDA certified laboratories, ensuring quality and compliance with strictest standards worldwide. Every lot of material we produce is 100% guaranteed to exceed the standards set for all microbial and quality analysis testing.
If you have special requirements we can test for any compound you may need.

Aloha Medicinals Genetic Verification

All our mushroom strains are genetically verified through DNA sequencing by the United States government's National Institute of Health-National center for Biotechnology Information {NCBI}. A copy of this independent DNA verification is included with every order at no cost to you, simplifying your GMP validation process. No other manufacturer of Medicinal Mushroom products offers this third-party genetic validation.

Aloha Medicinals Organic Verification

All products produced by Aloha Medicinals are 100% USDA and EU Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International –the worlds largest and most prestigious organic certifier!

Aloha Medicinals Purity Verification

Every production lot is independently analyzed for comprehensive panel of nearly 100 different heavy metals. Aloha Medicinals GUARANTEES complete freedom from all contamination from heavy metals, pesticides, herbicide and all other contaminants.

Aloha Medicinals Library of Mushroom Cultures

Aloha Medicinals has the largest privately owned medicinal mushroom culture bank in the world with over 5000 different cultures. We can produce any species of mushroom you may require.

A review on how Aloha Medicinals was able to organically cultivate the most potent Cordyceps in the world that is not only bio-identical genetically, but also bio-identical in it’s analytical signature.

Cordyceps has been used for a long time in China and Tibet. For at least a thousand years according to the written record. It was not until 1972 that the first successful Cordyceps cultivation was achieved. The first Cordyceps cultures were isolated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in that year. These strains were not isolated from Tibet, where most of the top quality Cordyceps comes from, but rather they were isolated from specimens found in Qinghai province in Central China. Originally three different strains of Cordyceps were isolated. The first three strains, named CS-1, CS-2 and CS-3, did not have the fast growth characteristics that make commercial cultivation practical. It was the fourth culture that had been isolated by this institute, named CS-4, that was hardy and fast growing. So this CS-4 strain was chosen for commercial production.
This CS-4 culture proved itself a good candidate for commercial growth, so it was evaluated as a substitute for wild Cordyceps. It was tested for its medical potential, and by 1988 it had been approved in China as a medicine under the name Jin Shui Bao. As part of the approval process to bring this to market, many clinical and safety trials were conducted showing its efficacy and safety. That is the reason there are so many scientific articles available on this particular strain called CS-4.

But that happened a long time ago in terms of science. Think of the advances that have been made in all the sciences over the last 44 years. That is how long ago CS-4 was isolated. CS-4 is a good dietary supplement, but just because CS-4 was the first Cordyceps cultivated and studied certainly does not mean it is still the best choice today, yet many people today are taken in by the marketers that still use that early information on CS-4, telling their customers that CS-4 is the best Cordyceps for their use. This is just simply incorrect. Back in 1972 when CS-4 was isolated there was no such thing as DNA analysis. So at that time it was not realized that CS-4 contained only a part of the Cordyceps genome. CS-4 is closely related to Cordyceps sinensis, but it is not “true Cordyceps sinensis”. CS-4 is a related species called an Anamorph.

Let’s jump ahead nearly 40 years and look at where Cordyceps cultivation is today: Aloha Medicinals set out to cultivate the most potent Cordyceps back in 1999. Aloha started with the purchase of CS-4 cultures from private manufacturers in China. This was the first strain of Cordyceps Aloha produced when the company was formed on Maui in 2000. In 2001 Aloha purchased another ten Cordyceps strains from the Government of China. But Alohas research using DNA analysis and the most up-to-date analytical methods such as GC/MS and HPLC/MS showed that none of these “Cordyceps” strains were identical to wild Cordyceps. They were all related anamorphs, but they were not “True Cordyceps”.

Aloha tried every possible combination of culture techniques and growth medium, but realized that by using these part-spore cultures there was no way to gain the full potential which is known to occur in wild Cordyceps. To achieve the wild Cordyceps quality requires a much more complex approach, involving the replication of the wild Cordyceps growth conditions and triggering fusion between several part-spore cultures to achieve the full Cordyceps DNA sequence. This approach was so unique it was issued the only patent ever granted for the hybridization of mushrooms! This is the only cultivated Cordyceps available today that is genetically and analytically Bio-Identical to the wild Cordyceps occurring in Nature. This is not to be confused with Genetic Modification. Aloha Medicinals absolutely guarantees there are NO genetically modified organisms (GMO) in any Aloha Medicinals product. Aloha is opposed to the GMO approach, as well as this being forbidden under USDA and EU Certified Organic standards. Quality has no substitute. Aloha Medicinals makes the VERY BEST medicinal mushroom products in the world today

Even after Aloha had developed these bio-identical cultures though, which were 100% Cordyceps sinensis in every way, there was still a problem: The Cordyceps being grown in cultivation was still not as potent as the wild collected Cordyceps. To try and resolve this problem, Aloha Medicinals scientists undertook an expedition into the heartland of wild Cordyceps habitat, central Tibet. In May and June of 2006 Aloha Medicinals conducted one of the most comprehensive scientific research expeditions ever undertaken in the mountains of Tibet to study the natural growth parameters of wild Cordyceps. Working with the local nomad people, Aloha identified several hundred Cordyceps specimens growing directly from the ground. Aloha carefully measured all the growth conditions there, such as pH, soil and air temperature and composition, moisture content in the air and soil, the other micro-organisms found in the area, air pressure and virtually everything else that could be measured, Aloha did.

Aloha brought this information back to the lab, and developed entirely new methods of cultivation, which have resulted in Cordyceps that is not only bio-identical genetically, but also bio-identical in it’s analytical signature. Bringing the latest of 21st century American biotechnology to this field has resulted in a quantum leap in Cordyceps cultivation, reducing the cost and increasing the quality of cultivated Cordyceps. These cultivation methods involved building special growing chambers where the oxygen is held at 50% of the normal atmospheric oxygen, and the temperature is held at just above freezing. This exactly replicates the conditions found during the growing season in Nepal and Tibet at 18,000 feet (5400 meters) elevation. This Low Temperature, Low Oxygen growth is also patented. Aloha Medicinals is the only company in the world that grows Cordyceps using these techniques.

Aloha Organic Cordyceps: Certificate of Analysis

Aloha Medicinals Cordyceps that is “Certified Genetically Authentic” through independent third-party DNA testing and Verified through the National Institute of Health Genebank

Aloha Medicinals unique methods used to develop
highest quality hybridized strains of Cordyceps Sinensis

Aloha Medicinals' Quality Control and third-party DNA certification

Aloha Medicinals' Quality Control is the best in the industry. All mushroom species grown are third-party DNA certified through the U.S. National Institute of Health – National Center for Biotechnology Genebank (NCBI), and all required chemical and microbial assays are performed by independent FDA certified, third-party analytical laboratories. A Certificate of Analysis and a full chemical and DNA profile is provided with each lot. While most manufacturers test only for the few items required by FDA such as the total plate count and e-coli content, at Aloha Medicinals we analyze for a comprehensive array of substances. This includes more than 90 heavy metals, full polysaccharide profile including beta glucans, heteropolysaccharides and residual starches, all microbial and sterility tests, plus any specialized analysis that may be required by the client.

Law explained: Questions and Answers: Click the link:
According to U.S. – European Union Organic Equivalence Arrangement

Aloha Medicinals - “Exporter of the Year Award” honored by the U.S. Department of Commerce

Due to this state-of-the-art manufacturing and unexcelled quality control program, Aloha was proud to accept the U.S. Department of Commerce “Exporter of the Year Award” for its top quality exports in the field of pharmaceutical and supplement raw materials. Aloha currently supplies over 700 companies in more than 60 countries with raw materials for their branded products.

Aloha Medicinals guarantee there are no other Medicinal Mushroom products available anywhere in the world today with more potency or consistency or a higher quality than the raw materials produced by Aloha Medicinals Inc.

Here is a list of some of our more popular strains available for custom formulation:

Coriolus versicolor Hypsizygus ulmarius

Complete list of Organic mushrooms

Cordyceps sinensis - many strains Caterpillar Fungus Hypsizygus marmorius
Cordyceps militaris Inonotus obliquus Chaga
Agaricus blazei ABM or Royal Sun Agaricus Lentinula edodes Shiitake
Agaricus subrufescens Phellinus linteus
Flammulina velutipes Enokitake Piptoporus betulinus
Fomes fomentarius Pleurotus ostreatus Oyster Mushroom
Ganoderma applanatum Pleurotus pulminarius
Ganoderma lucidium Reishi Pleurotus tuber-regium
Ganoderma tsugai Red Reishi Polyporus umbellatus
Grifola frondosa Maitake Poria cocos Fu Ling
Hericium erinacea Lions Mane Trametes versicolor Turkey Tails

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Aloha Medicinals Agaricus Blazei Full Spectrum

  • Now Available in Nano Formulation!


Aloha Medicinals Full Spectrum Chaga


Aloha Medicinals GanoUltra™ Full Spectrum


Aloha Medicinals GanoSuper™ Concentrated 4:1 purified and micronized extract. Special Low Taste/Low Odor extract ideal for drink application or high potency supplements USDA and EU Certified Organic


Aloha Medicinals Red Reishi™ Full Spectrum MycoProduct


Aloha Medicinals Grifola frondosa Full Spectrum


Aloha Medicinals Hericium Erinaceus Full Spectrum


Aloha Medicinals Lentinula edodes Full Spectrum


Aloha Medicinals Cordyceps is the only Bio-Identical Cordyceps
grown in patented low oxygen, low temperature conditions,
just like nature!


Aloha Medicinals Pure Cordyceps Super™ Full Spectrum


Corioulus Versicolor Full Spectrum


Immune Assist 24/7™ is a completely unique combination of over 200 different hetero-polysaccharides, derived from the enzymatic breakdown of complex organic plant material from five different species of medicinal mushrooms.

  • These includes USDA and EU Organic Certified Extracts of:
    Agaricus blazei,
    Cordyceps sinensis,
    Lentinula edodes (shiitake),
    Grifola frondosa (maitake),
    Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) including
    Epigallocatechin gallate, “ECGC”, also known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate, tea catechin.


Immune Assist Critical Care Formula ™ is a combination of over 200 highly purified, immune-active High Molecular Weight (HMW) Hetero- polysaccharides and Beta 1,3-1,6 triple right hand helix Beta Glucans.

  • The five most potent immune supporting species of mushrooms used are: USDA and EU Organic Certified Extracts of:
    Agaricus blazei,
    Cordyceps sinensis,
    Lentinula edodes (shiitake),
    Grifola frondosa (maitake) and
    Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi).
  • These immune-active heteropolysaccharides and Beta Glucans are concentrated by more than 250 to 1 ratio and then purified into a pharmaceutical grade immune enhancing ingredient.


Aloha Medicinals Agaricus Bisporus as Full Spectrum MycoProduct™


Aloha Medicinals Auricularia Auricula Full Spectrum


Aloha Medicinals Coprinus Comatus Full Spectrum


Performax Forte™ is a cutting-edge herbal and mushroom formulation that provides a healthy way to help promote and support your energy levels throughout the day.

  • Whether you are chasing the gold medal or chasing your two-year-old, Performax Forte™ is the all-natural way to increase energy and performance.
  • Consisting of the finest blend of Rhodiola rosea and Pure Cordyceps™, with Magnesium and Chromium for increased potency, this product is the best supplement for increased performance available today.


The Aloha Medicinals Advantage

Full Spectrum Mycoproducts™

There is a lot of confusion today from all the marketing claims on the internet about what form of mushroom product is the best to use. Some say it is the fruitbody, or the mycelium, or a hot water extract standardized for some particular compound. This is an important question and the answer should be based in scientific fact, not on historical usage or on someone's opinion. There is a lot of amazingly complex bio-chemistry going on in the mushroom kingdom which can be valuable for its health giving potential. We have accurately addressed this issue here so you can decide which health supplement raw materials are the best for your use or for use in your product formulation.

Let's start with some Definitions


‘Fruitbodies’ are the mushrooms you see growing out of the ground or from that old dead tree. They are the reproductive part of the organism, like the flower of a plant. Just like flowers will only bloom during a certain season, Fruitbodies will only form in response to some stress in the environment, such as heat, or cold, fire or flood, running out of food, or some other stress that forces the organism into a “reproduce or die” mode. The mushroom fruitbodies that you see are NOT the growth form of the mushroom organism. It is strictly the reproductive part of the fungus at the end of its life cycle.


‘Mycelium’ is the growth form of the organism. This is the state in which all of the life processes occur, such as growth, feeding and competing for survival (including antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral compound production). In cultivated mushroom products, the mycelium can be grown by fermentation in a tank full of liquid as beer and wine are “grown”. This is a highly unnatural growth condition, and mushrooms grown this way do not have the same chemical profiles as those that are grown naturally. Another way that medicinal mushroom mycelium can be grown is on a solid substrate of some material that it would normally grow on – which is the natural growth condition. For production of most mushroom-derived drugs, the compounds are extracted not from the mycelium, but are actually extracted from the broth or substrate the mycelium is grown in.


‘Extract’ is a word that covers a lot of possibilities. Extracts are usually made from either mushrooms or mycelium, which are extracted with some type of solvent with the intention of concentrating some desirable portion and eliminating or reducing some non-desirable portion of the fungus. There are a number of solvents which are used, depending on which type of compounds the extractor is hoping to concentrate. The two most common solvents used are Alcohol and Water. Extracts tend to be more expensive than raw materials and they may be either more potent or less potent than the raw material, depending upon which compounds are being concentrated and the desired end use of the material. The widely held belief that extracts are somehow “more potent” than other forms of mushroom material is too simplified to be true, and is simply incorrect. But this thinking is the result of historical usage and dubious internet marketing claims, as you will read below. The following section should make it clear so you will understand how extracts are made, what their uses are, and why there is so much misunderstanding about them.

Full Spectrum

‘Full Spectrum Myco-Products’ are the complete fungal material consisting of all the biologically active components, such as the mycelium, the fruitbodies and by far the most important of all, the extra-cellular compounds that are produced throughout the entire life cycle of the organism. It is these extra-cellular compounds (compounds that are excreted outside of the cell and into the surrounding environment) that are responsible for the main medicinal properties known from the fungal kingdom, such as all the antibiotic properties, antiviral properties, antifungal properties and all the other ‘survival’ compounds that the fungus produces to give itself an advantage over the competing bacteria and microbes in the highly competitive environment in which it lives. These secondary metabolites have opened up the frontiers of medicine, with such breakthroughs as antibiotics and cholesterol lowering drugs. And it is these properties that are removed through most extraction processes. It is only in the 21st century that science has developed practical ways to reliably produce full spectrum myco-products which are now considered the current “Gold Standard” for most mushroom based dietary supplements.

Basis for Quality Determination in Medicinal Mushrooms


While medicinally active mushrooms have certainly been collected from nature and used for a long time, the cultivation of mushrooms specifically for the production of medicinal compounds is a new science, dating only from the late 1970's. Since that time there have been a number of bio-active ‘compounds of interest’ identified from mushrooms including different compounds from the fruitbodies, from the mycelium and from the residual culture broth or solid substrate residue. In almost every case, the main cellular components found in the different life stages are identical. But there are differences in the ‘secondary metabolites’ produced, where substantially greater amounts of particular compounds can be extracted from one growth stage as compared to some other growth stage. Many examples of this can be seen in the scientific article authored by Dr. Solomon Wasser: Medicinal Properties of substances occurring in Higher Basidiomycetes Mushrooms: Current Perspectives (Review) [pdf] published in - International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms.

What is the most practical way to produce medicinal mushroom products with the greatest effectiveness, while keeping them affordable enough for the general public?

Even just ten years ago this was a problem because solid state fermentation had not yet been perfected, and growing mushrooms in liquid culture as with beer or wine requires extraction of the compounds left behind in the broth in order to capture all the health properties. This processing step raises the cost beyond what is practical for most people to spend on their dietary supplements. It is easy for a company to purchase wild collected mushrooms, or to grow mushroom fruitbodies on a farm and then extract them for supplement uses. To produce medicinal mushroom products with low potency is counterproductive, since they will not have a large consumer following if they do not work. So most companies take the easy approach of growing or buying mushroom fruitbodies, and then making a tea which is spray dried and called a “hot water extract”. Many claim this is the best form to use, or even that it is the only bioactive way to use mushrooms, which is of course nonsense, since mushrooms have been eaten for their health properties for thousands of years. The concept that extracts are better than anything else is yesterday’s science and it does not reflect today’s state-of-the-art knowledge. These “hot water extracts” are certainly better than trying to digest hard woody fruitbodies such as Reishi, but this extraction process entirely misses the potential health benefits which are offered by the extra-cellular compounds, which are not present in the fruitbodies. Some other companies will just grow the mycelium. This can be a better choice than fruitbodies if grown in solid substrate, but the mycelial products can be a problem if they are not produced according to strict FDA certified Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) biotechnology sterile tissue culture standards, and some mycelium products often contain up to 70% of unconverted substrate, like rice or wheat. All Aloha Medicinals products are guaranteed to contain less than 2% of residual substrate material in the finished product.

In developing our production processes, Aloha Medicinals looked long and hard at the chemistry of the wild collected fruitbodies, of the mycelia and of the extra-cellular compounds, and all that was known about the bioactivity of each in the human body. We then developed special growing methods including custom made growing chambers, strictly defined growth substrates (no sawdust, straw or compost is used) and specially modified growth parameters such as full year-round climate control for temperature, light cycle, and air quality and composition to maximize the production of the targeted medicinal compounds. By controlling each and every aspect of the growth cycle, Aloha Medicinals is able to produce the best quality, the most potent and the most consistent medicinal mushroom products available anywhere in the world today, while ensuring against all possible contamination of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides or insect residue as is so common in other mushroom products.

One great advance Aloha Medicinals made to the science of mushroom growing is our patent-pending proprietary methods for growing mushrooms in glass and plastic containers for a long enough period of time to completely bio-convert all of the raw substrate material into fungal tissue and extra-cellular compounds. By the time of harvest we have obtained all of the different health giving aspects that the mushroom present. This long growth period takes at least several months, and for some species it can take up to two years. When a supplier promises they can deliver a finished, custom grown product in 30 to 45 days, you can be certain that the quality will be very low. In nature it takes from months-to-years for a mushroom colony to become established. That is why you find mushrooms growing in the same place year after year. They produce mushrooms every spring just like a tree produces flowers, but the mushroom organism itself exists from year to year in the soil below. To think that we can trick that organism into optimal growth in the lab in just a few weeks is wishful thinking indeed. But this is what many mushroom cultivators claim to do.

For some species, Aloha Medicinals has resorted to extreme culture parameters; for example we grow out our Cordyceps sinensis for a period of time in a warm, oxygen rich environment, after which we drastically lower the temperature to just above freezing, we change the light cycle and we drop the oxygen to no more than 50% of the normal atmospheric content. All of this is done on an organic, vegetarian substrate with no insect or animal substances used. While this may seem extreme compared to how other cultivators grow their medicinal mushroom products, Aloha Medicinals is proud to point out the products we make are the best quality, highest potency medicinal mushroom products in the world. This is proven by the phenomenal growth Aloha Medicinals has experienced over the last 10 years, making us the largest cultivators of exclusively Certified Organic Medicinal Mushrooms today with a monthly production capacity of nearly 200 tons of finished products per month. We currently supply over 700 companies with the raw material used in their formulations, and in 2009 we exported to 56 countries, which won us the U.S. Department of Commerce “Exporter of the Year” Award, the second year in a row we were awarded special recognition for our quality products.

If you want the best medicinal mushroom products available today, Aloha Medicinals is your best choice. 100% Certified Organic by USDA and EU, 100% Certified Kosher by Star K, and 100% Guaranteed. It does not get any better than this. Certified Organic and 100% made in America with all-American ingredients. Why risk the reputation of your products on imported raw materials, when the best quality is available right here in America, using state of the art science and Independently Assayed by FDA certified labs for DNA and Analytical profile. All this is available at a price lower than imported raw materials in most cases. Whether you need Full Spectrum Myco-products, or a concentrated extract, or even research grade materials, we supply it all. Let us bid your next order for medicinal mushroom raw materials. You will be pleasantly surprised!

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